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Power of Oral Steroids

Anabolic steroids are of two types – oral and injectable steroids. Oral steroids are within the sort of tablets, pills and liquids. the foremost popular oral steroids are Anadrol and Dianabol.

Oral steroids are generally taken by beginners to bodybuilding, men and ladies who haven’t taken steroids before. Oral steroids are more popular than injectable steroids for the straightforward reason that it’s much easier to swallow a tablet or pill than to require injections.

Taking oral steroids doesn’t require any effort, thinking or preparation. Just take a tablet or pill once or twice each day , before or after the workout, counting on the dosage recommendations. most of the people , especially those that are new bodybuilding prefer oral steroids because they’re very easy to administer.


When you take oral anabolic steroids, the steroid cycle shouldn’t be quite to eight weeks, unless it’s a really mild steroid hormone like Anavar. therein case, you’ll take the steroid for few weeks more.

Oral steroids have a shorter half-life compared to injectable steroids, which suggests their effects don’t last as long. that’s why it’s so important that you simply should take small doses at regular intervals of your time .

What are the foremost Popular Oral Steroids?


Dianaol is probably the foremost popular anabolic oral steroid. it’s also available within the injectable form. it’s fast acting; helps you gain lean muscle mass in pace and may offer you the lean, mean, shredded look you’ve always wanted.

Dbol 10mg up to three per day or advance to the 50mg

Dbol 50mg up to three per day.

Dianabol 50mg
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Dianabol 10mg
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Anavar is another popular oral steroid taken by both men and ladies it’s usually taken during the cutting cycle when the main target is on burning fat while retaining muscle mass. It can help enhance athletic performance.

Anavar 10mg – up to three per day.. or buy the 50mg

Anavar 50mg – up to 2 per day

Anavar – 50mg
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Anavar – 10mg
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Winstrol is another best selling steroid hormone used during the cutting cycle. It helps you build impressive lean muscle mass and boosts strength.

Winnie 10mg – upto 3 per day

Winnie 50mg – upto 2 per day

Winstrol – 50mg
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Winstrol – 10mg
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Anadrol (oxy)
Anadrol is another of these steroids which will be taken orally or injected into the bloodstream. It can offer you impressive muscle gains and may improve your appetite. This steroid is usually taken during the bulking cycle.

Do not recomended quite 2 per day

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If you’re a beginner
You can just plow ahead and buy any of the oral steroids listed above. Oral steroids like Dianabol, Winstrol and Anavar are always better for those on their first steroid cycle. you’ll prefer to buy injectable steroids after 2-3 years of bodybuilding if you wish once you want to travel to subsequent level.

Buy Oral Steroid Cycle
Oral Steroid Cycle
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The Power of Injectable Steroids

Anabolic steroids are of two types – injectable steroids and oral steroids. Injectable steroids are much more powerful than oral steroids as they’re directly injected into the blood stream.

Injectable steroids are often injected either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Since these steroids are taken intravenously, they need a more sustained and protracted effect on the body and last for much longer .

Why are Injectable Steroids So Powerful?

Since these steroids are injected into the body, they bypass the liver, which suggests most of the anabolic compounds are absorbed. Also,due to the slow release from the various injection sites, these steroids are less hepatotoxic than oral steroids and permit for more sustained muscle building.

Different ways of Injecting Steroids

  • Glutes injection
  • Thigh injections
  • Deltoid injections
  • Pec (chest) injections
  • Triceps injections
  • Biceps injections
  • SubQ (subcutaneous) injections

Who can purchase Injectable Steroids?

Injectable steroids like Sustanon, Trenbolone and Deca Durobolin are among the foremost powerful anabolic steroids on the market. a number of the injectable steroids also can be taken orally, but their effects are much more pronounced when taken intravenously.

However, injecting steroids isn’t very easy and may be done only by experienced bodybuilders who know their stuff. Beginners may find the injections deeply uncomfortable. they’re more happy taking oral steroids, although the muscle building effects are slower once you take steroids orally.

Generally, if you would like to bulk up real fast, and are into bodybuilding for a minimum of 2 or 3 years, you’ll consider buying injectable steroids. it’s up to the individual and their personal preferences. But do be careful for the side effects and consult your doctor before starting with the steroid cycle.

Most Popular Injectable Steroids

Sustanon : Sustanon is an injectable steroid that provides you impressive gain in muscle mass and strength. Sustanon allows for enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention and boosts the quantity of red blood cells. it’s mainly taken during the bulking cycle.

Deca Durabolin: Deca Durabolin works as both an injectable and oral steroid. Taking during the bulking cycle also because the cutting cycle. It provides impressive gains in top quality lean muscle mass while minimizing any buildup of body fat.

Trenbolone: Trenbolone is one among the foremost powerful injectable steroids which may be taken during both the bulking and cutting cycles. It promotes buildup of lean muscle mass during the bulking cycle and preserves muscle mass while burning fat during the cutting phase. It gives you the hard, well defined, shredded and muscular look you’ve always wanted.

Winstrol: Winstrol is another popular steroid that’s mainly used during the cutting cycle. It helps preserve lean muscle mass and may be taken orally or within the sort of injections.

Oxymetholone/Anadrol: Anadrol is one among the foremost powerful anabolic steroids which provides impressive muscle gains during the bulking cycle. It are often taken either intravenously or orally.

Buy Sustanon
Buy Sustanon
Caution: Since these steroids are injected into the body they bypass the liver, which suggests most of the anabolic compounds are absorbed. Also, due to the slow release from the various injection sites, these steroids are less hepatotoxic than oral steroids and permit for more sustained muscle building.

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Steroid Half Life

Steroids Half life, there’s tons of mention Steroid Half Life within the bodybuilding community. what’s it and why should it interest you? Let’s determine .

What is it?

Every drug on the market features a half life, including steroids. Let’s say you’re taking about 200 mg of Equipoise once every week for a steroid cycle of 6 weeks. The question is how does one know when you’re completely “off” the steroid, after the completion of the cycle, when it’s no effect on you whatsoever?

This should be calculated from the purpose you had taken your previous dose. The Half lifetime of Equipoise is 14 days. meaning you’ll start going off the steroid 14 days after taking the last dose.

Your blood levels will have about 100 mg of the steroid after 14 days. 14 more days later, your blood levels will contain 50 mg of the steroid. This amount goes down by half every 2 weeks.

So once you are finally through with the steroid cycle, you’ll know once you are truly off by calculating the half lives. All of this will be calculated with a fairly high degree of precision. After a couple of weeks of staying faraway from the steroid, you’ll know when exactly it’s not active in your blood stream, supported your calculation of the half lives.

What you ought to realize Steroid Half Life?

As said earlier, a steroid’s half life is that the time during which the drug remains active within the blood stream. This information are often very useful to you for optimizing your steroid cycle to avoid any undesirable peaks of valleys.

Every drug has its own chemical structure, which determines its half life. When the steroid enters the bloodstream, three things happen to it…

#1: Absorption – How it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

#2: Degradation – How its chemical structure breaks down.

#3: Elimination – Removal of the steroid from the body.

The half lifetime of the steroid is that the time needed for all of the three metabolic processes to be completed in order that half the steroid is not any longer present within the body.

Every steroid features a different chemical structure, so this particular timeframe varies also . Some steroids have very short half lives of 4 to 16 hours while a couple of others have a half lifetime of 2 weeks. Let’s take a fast check out a number of the foremost popular anabolic steroids and their half lives.

The Most Common Anabolic Steroids and their Half Life

Anadrol/Oxy : 8 to 9 hours

Anavar : 9 hours

Dianabol : 4.5 to six hours

Winstrol : 9 hours

Deca-durabolin : 14 days

Primobolan : 10.5 days

Sustanon : 15 to 18 days

Testosterone Cypionate : 12 days

Test Enanthate : 10.5 days

Testosterone Propionate : 4.5 days

Clenbuterol : 1.5 days

Clomid : 5 days

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Post Cycle Therapy Supplement (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy Supplement (PCT). there’s tons of mention Post Cycle Therapy, or PCT because it is usually mentioned as, in gyms round the world. If you’re new bodybuilding, you want to have encounter this phrase too. But what’s it, really? And why do you have to care about it? Let’s determine .

What is Post Cycle Therapy and Why does one Need It?

Have you seen knowledgeable bodybuilder? you’ll see how big and muscular they’re . Did they are doing anything special? Was it due to spending hours at the gym? due to a miracle diet? Was it due to Whey Protein supplements? or even it had been due to anabolic steroids.

A truthful answer would be – all of the above. Bodybuilders take steroids, they only don’t tell you about it. it’s an secret within the bodybuilding community. there’s nothing wrong thereupon as long as you stick with the recommended dosage and don’t compete in bodybuilding events – as that might offer you an unfair edge over the competition.

The thing about steroids is that while they provide you tremendous muscle gains, they create a multitude of the natural working of the body. that’s why after browsing an steroid hormone cycle; you’ll need a cooling off period, which is what the Post Cycle Therapy is all about. Post cycle therapy supplement

How Does Post Cycle Therapy Help?

once you take steroids, you’ll certainly experience a rise in strength and muscle mass. But steroids can also have certain side effects. The side effects become apparent days after finishing the steroid cycle.

You don’t experience the side effects during the steroid cycle as your body is in another zone. It stops producing hormones naturally once you are taking steroids. When the steroid cycle is stopped, the body has got to adjust itself to life without steroid.

That is where PCT comes in.

PCT is an important process through which each bodybuilder should undergo after finishing a steroid cycle. What PCT does is to urge the body back to its natural and healthy state, in order that it can revisit to producing hormones naturally.

The PCT starts once the steroid use is over and it can last anything from 30 to 45 days. During PCT, you’ll take variety of medicine that mitigate the side effects of steroids. These drugs are called SERMS.

What are SERMS and the way are they utilized in PCT?

SERMS or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators are the foremost popular drugs utilized in PCT. SERMs work to dam the estrogenic effect of a number of the steroids. Their anti-estrogenic properties make them an integral a part of post cycle therapy.

Understand: When taken in high doses, some anabolic steroids can aromatise and convert into estrogen within the body. this is often not good for you – especially if you’re a man – because it can cause ugly things like man boobs. Who wants that! that might really make a multitude of all the diligence you’ve put in at the gym. Post cycle therapy supplement

SERMs inhibit estrogen and fight such dangerous side effects of certain anabolic steroids. They also boost your testosterone levels and restore your testosterone production back to how it had been once you were within the prime of your life, in your early to mid 20s.

Clomid and Tamoxifen are the 2 hottest SERMS utilized in PCT.

A Post Cycle Therapy Plan

Let’s start and prepare a PCT plan for you. there’s no single PCT plan that works for everybody . you’ve got to ascertain what suits you best and prepare your own plan out of that.

Generally, every PCT cycle includes SERMS like Clomid or/and Tamoxifen. These drugs can help reverse the estrogenic effects of certain anabolic steroids, help the muscles recover faster after a very gruelling workout and restore your natural testosterone levels.

You may also take HGH or Human somatotropin during the PCT. HGH helps boost testosterone levels, build muscular strength and endurance, and fight aging.

A typical PCT cycle are going to be like this:

HGH – About 2-4iu every other day for a PCT cycle of 45 days
Clomid – About 50mg taken Twice day for a PCT cycle of 30 days
Tamoxifen – About 20mg taken once per day for a PCT cycle of 45 days
Let’s quickly mention each of those drugs.


What is Clomid?

Clomid was originally created as a drug for ladies . But lately it’s also utilized in bodybuilding as a neighborhood of PCT.

When taken after the steroid cycle, Clomid fires up your gonads and boosts testosterone production. Also, Clomid fights mitigate a number of the worst side effects of steroids like man boobs and boating.

The right time to require Clomid is about fortnight after finishing the steroid cycle. that’s once you know your body is prepared for this drug. Take about 50mg of this drug twice day for a PCT cycle of 30 days.

What is Tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen may be a SERM that’s often utilized in conjunction with Clomid during the PCT. it’s also utilized in bodybuilding as a neighborhood of PCT.

This drug has strong estrogenic effects, which makes it highly effective at combating a number of the tough side effects of steroids. you’ll take Tamoxifen alone or along side Clomid.

Taking this drug will restore the body to homeostasis and obtain your testosterone levels back to how it had been once you were younger. Take about 20mg of this drug once per day for a PCT cycle of 45 days

Human somatotropin (HGH)
The human somatotropin is produced by the pituitary . it’s essential for the essential functioning of the body, cell regeneration, preservation of muscle tissue and proper working of the interior organs.

HGH also can be injected into the body within the sort of subcutaneous injections. it’s very fashionable with body builders because it restores testosterone to natural levels and fights the estrogenic effects of a number of the anabolic steroids.

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